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I love Venice, and have visited many times. Getting lost in the narrow lanes and canals first thing in the morning, or in the evening when the day-trippers have left, lets you experience the real magic of the place. A day visit is never enough! We’ve stayed at a variety of different hotels in different districts, and there were three we particularly liked.

The first, the Gritti Palace, is pure luxury. The Gritti is situated on the Grand Canal in the San Marco district, just minutes from St Mark’s square. The second, UNA Hotel Venezia, is centrally located in Cannaregio, set back off Strada Nova, which is one of the main tourist and shopping streets.

Finally, Hotel Tiziano is located in Dorsoduro district, a short walk from the train station but well off the tourist map. Here, it feels as though you’re getting an authentic sense of the city. It also just happens to be close to the best ice cream shop in Venice (in our opinion!), Gelateria il Doge.

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