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D c allan photography GEMSTONES

I have been collecting gemstones for a while now and like to find gems of different cuts. Some are common like the step cut, often used on emeralds.

Some more unusual like the cyclone. I will add some more unusual cut gems soon. Recently I decided to collect different opals by location and type and now have Mexican, Ethiopian and Australian opals of different types e.g. Black, Fire and crystal.  

Recently I bought some rough Ethiopian Welo Opal.

The first 4 photos are of untreated Welo dark crystal rough. A lot of the darker Welo opal is treated by a smoking process. I split this opal along a fracture line as you can see in photos 3 & 4. I am cleaning the smaller fragment by hand to remove the dirt and sand to show the opal unpolished.

I am waiting for another parcel to arrive containing 22cts opal in 8 pieces (photo 5). I will take some pieces and see if I can polish them. Only as free-form shapes I dont have any experience in cutting, shaping and faceting gems but you have to start somewhere.